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Hello, I’m moving operations to

Please visit my new page!

– Tim


Taxes and Tanuki’s

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Sorry – no pictures, (about 1% space left) and I haven’t had enough time to figure out what I will do with the blog yet. But I figure I got enough space for some text posts. So, in the whirl of the last couple days:

1) I saw the equivalent of the Japanese raccoon, called a “Tanuki.” It’s actually not a raccoon, it’s a canine animal. I guess they are pretty slow, though, for a canine, because I could outrun it. I trailed it on my bike, then when it stopped, I stopped to, to grab my camera from my pack. It turned and stared at me then ran off. I chased after it. Through the bike racks. Around a pile of wood. Under a fence (@#!! darn thing!!) which I then hurdled. Next to the KGK clubhouse. I cornered it. It tried to climb, then fell off. Then it dashed back under the fence. (I hurdled it again.) And, I lost it in the big mess of bicycles. It was totally cool. I asked Erei and she said that they are very rare in Sendai (YES!!!)

2) Sakura are blooming. I took photos. I will find somewhere to post them. I will take more photos when I go hannami (flower viewing) hopefully this sunday w/friends

3) Taxes April 17th (I just finished mine… I think…)

4) The fact that I needed to print my forms out, and the printer was locked in Dr. Biwa’s office was a great source of stress for me (as well as the other grad students who needed supplies in the room). Until I PICKED THE LOCK!! (Ba-dum-pshhhh)

5) I caught a lizard (tokage) on the way to school this morning. And I took a picture of it. So, now I am… Dancing the Tokage!! (hahaha… ok nobody will get that).

 6) Really tired. My hands have been shaking a lot recently. Wonder if I’m eating wrong. I decided I should start eating more vegetables. I’m really in shape though… leaner than I was in XC (probably because Gwinn Commons isn’t around) and I hammered the guys I went hiking with. Whatev’s.


He is risen!

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Wishing everyone a happy easter in the last 40 minutes of April 8th on the West coast! (East coasters, sorry I missed you all)

Izumi Gattaka

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Ok… so I only got about 2.5 megs of space, and the number of pictures I want to upload for this story is 3.4 megs, so I’ll have to cut it down a little. We’ll see how far this goes!

So, today I went hiking up a mountain, Izumi Gattaka, about an hour and a half from Sendai. Nothing really tall, but it’s got a decent view and some snow. My friend Milan (The guy w/the blonde hair, he’s Hungarian) invited me, Fumi, and another friend Peter, who will be seen later. (Fumi – isn’t that a great name? It’s like the onomatopoeia FOOM! + ee)


This was the, uh, “path” we started out on…


Later, however, the path turned to snow


(blast… 96%) and Peter caught up w/us.


We eventually came to a snowy bluff where we took some photos





We got to the top, at which there were no interesting views unfortunately. But Milan and I decided to blitz over to the next peak (Izumi Kita, on the right) while Peter and Fumi would slowly work their way back.


We dashed down the valley between, headed up the next side and came to an area with some really large and cool old twisty trees.


We found it we did… the pathway throuuuugh the miiiists…


(Many who know me know that my favorite weather is mist). Anyway, Milan grabbed the camera. Here’s the Genki shot you asked for Marian, look pretty jolly here, I think


The peak. Woodeedoo, it’s in a cloud!


Anyway, after hanging out for a few minutes, we flew down the hill and managed to catch Fumi and Peter before we reached the bottom.


We got back a couple minutes before the last bus back to Sendai was leaving. Tanoshikatta! I took some panoramic shots from the peak that was not in the clouds. However, they just weren’t that spectacular… the shots of Inawashiroko from the Fukushima trip were way better, and so were the Yamadera shots. Sorry – if I had more space, I’d post them.

 Speaking of: I am now basically out of space. I might buy some more space, I need to check how much that costs. I think, what I will do is set up a new wordpress blog, Oegukin II or something, though I’ve been thinking “Hamburger is my life” would be a great title as well. I can just post a link to it from here, would people object to that? I’ll miss my good ole’ oegukin blog though.

… and another!

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Earthquake, that is. Several minutes ago. Btw, the word for earthquake, “Jishin” is the same as for confidence “jishin.” Obviously they have different kanji, maybe slightly different pronunciations. It’s ironic nonetheless.

 In other news, I finally got my wind array model for porous tubes working today. What’s so cool about that? Well, most infrasonic arrays now are porous designs. It was by far the hardest to model, however, because you have to basically treat each pore as an input which means you get gigantically huge matrices. Running the program is the computer equivalent of getting kicked in the… well, you know.

Lastly, I should finally have something interesting to post after this weekend, I’m going hiking w/my friend Milan. I might try to get some of my friends from elsewhere (which, as an interesting sidenote, happens to be the term used to describe all places un-reachable to you within a specified time limit, if you were travelling at the speed of light. I think. It just occured to me as I typed.) and we’ll see if they want to come.

Oh, and the Kawauchi Bible reading club finally added me to their mailing list. It’s all linked to their cellphones, so it’s like an autofeed of what everyone’s doing, with a refresh rate of like half an hour or something. Pretty sweet.

 And lastly – John’s first prelim is in 2:40 minutes.


Never judge someone by their stature…

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On my way up to work today, I saw this tall and very athletic looking Japanese guy playing tennis with a really short little girl, who was swathed in her oversized track jacket and warm-up pants. She had a hat on with a bill so low I wasn’t sure how she could see.

The guy threw up the ball to serve and just pounded the ball at her. I thought: “gosh… he’s gonna kill her.” But she hammered the ball back. Hard. You could have knocked me over with a feather. And, I watched as they volleyed probably 8 or 9 times back and forth, and she returned it in kind every single time.

In other news, I am having a very hard time concentrating.


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Stout and loyal friend John Lang is studying like a madman this week for his PhD prelims, on Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, with orals following.  He requested prayer, (for good reason). Please do so. He is not one to slack off, and he is more than qualified. So, pray that he has calmness and recalls things well during the test.

“Much study wearies the body.” – Solomon